Stroom Den Haag’s policy renewal

Den Haag 
Research and advisory project 
VWS policy 

In my capacity as an advisor, I led a comprehensive research project aimed at reassessing and enhancing the subsidy and stimulating activities policy in The Hague, known as the VWS policy. The objective was to gain a profound understanding of the needs, aspirations, and trends within the local arts community. Input from various artists and artistic initiatives played a pivotal role in optimizing and aligning this policy with the dynamic needs of the community.

Through extensive field conversations with artists, initiatives, and institutions in The Hague, alongside in-depth discussions with the Stroom team, we collaboratively formulated recommendations to revitalize their subsidy and stimulating policies. The emphasis was on tapping into collective creativity to inform policy development. The outcomes pinpoint key areas for improvement, advocating for enhanced prioritization, sustainable changes, and a more efficient subsidy assessment workflow.

The overarching goal is to align Stroom's mission with essential municipal themes, prioritizing diversity, inclusion, and support for artists facing unique challenges. The proposed changes aim to reinforce Stroom's commitment to artists' well-being, ensuring its continued impact in The Hague's vibrant artistic community. Insights on how the current VWS policy resonates with experiences and discussions about innovative ideas for the future development of the artistic practice, covering aspects such as sustainability, resilience, inclusivity, and new working methods, have been integral to shaping a policy that truly reflects and supports the dynamic landscape of the arts in The Hague.