On Demand

tegenboschvanvreden gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
9 October - 14 November 2015 
On demand, non-thematic video exhibition, curated by Carolyn Drake Kandiyoti and Suzanne Wallinga
With a selection of works by Dragos Alexandrescu, Basma Alsharif, Gabriel Abrantes, Neïl Beloufa, Sebastian Buerkner, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Agnese Cornelio, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Giovanni Giaretta, Emma van der Put, Jacob Dwyer, Helen Dowling, Hamza Halloubi, Betty Leirner, Cristina Lucas, Virginia de Medeiros, Jonathan Monaghan, Luiz Roque, and Natalia Sorzano
Mysticism, escapism, new technologies, post-capitalism, politics of the image, body as a site of conflict

On Demand III is a non-thematic video exhibition that has a similar structure to that of Netflix. Key questions within the exhibition relate to the distribution, consumption and reception of video art as a medium. Viewers are invited to pick works from a list of pre-selected recent videos chosen by the curators. Artists in On Demand III deal with mysticism, transgender issues, escapism, new technologies, capitalism, and semiotics of the image by employing a range of cinematic tools including documentary, science fiction, animation and more. Without being conclusive about how these video works should be interpreted, the format of On Demand III allows visitors to explore a range of works that might otherwise not be seen together and simultaneously question this continuously developing exciting medium. 

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lo, The Floating Chain, 2014, video still.

On Demand experience returns to the White Cube

With the increasing possibilities of on-demand Internet streaming, consumers are able to enjoy films and videos in the comfort of their own home. But how does that affect the viewing experience when it comes to watching video art? Within the art historical repertoire, art has always been enjoyed in so-called holy places: from Egyptian tomb chambers to medieval churches to Parisian museums and since the 1960s in the white cube of a gallery. Ever since the arrival of video art, white cubes have been morphed into black boxes in order to optimize viewing conditions for film and video. Every contemporary museum these days has a specific viewing room for video and most galleries are following suit. In his widely read essay Inside the White Cube, Brian O’Doherty points out that the gallery space is not a neutral container but rather a historical construct. Have our laptops become the new historical construct? With this question in mind, On Demand III challenges the position of video art within contemporary visual culture.

Neïl Beloufa, Party Island, 2012, video still. 

Talks program and collaboration with Art Plus

A talks program is being organized to accompany the exhibition. The first event will take place on Sunday, the 11th of October and includes several artist talks between 4-6 pm. With contributions by Helen Dowling, Sander Breure and Natalia Sorzano. 

On Demand III is being made in collaboration with Art Plus, a new platform to securely manage media art ownership and multi-channel exhibitions. On Sunday, the 8th of November there will be an expert meeting for professionals in the field of collecting, presenting and distributing video art. Art Plus will introduce their new player: ARTLOCK for the first time, following more than two years of intensive research and development.

On Demand III, installation views tegenboschvanvreden, 2015.